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General Terms & Conditions

1. We operate exclusively on the basis of our General Terms & Conditions. Other terms of business of our suppliers and customers do not apply to us, even if we have not expressly rejected them. The law of the Federal Republic of Germany applies exclusively.

2. Delivery Delivery periods shall be agreed in writing. Shipped goods are transported at the cost and risk of the recipient.

3. Prices Only the prices agreed apply. The customer is not entitled to adjust them in his favor unilaterally. The customer accepts our competitive list prices. Special agreements must be made in writing.

4. Payment Our accounts are due in cash without discount immediately on issue of the invoice. We are not obliged to accept checks or bills of exchange; if we do so, it is only on account of performance. In the event of default on payment, we are entitled to demand interest of 2% above the applicable base rate of the German Federal Bank; pursuit of claims for higher amounts of default damages is not excluded. If the customer can demonstrate that the interest charges incurred are lower, we shall only charge those. Reminder costs of 5 euros will be charged. Off-setting and retention are excluded unless the counterclaim is uncontested or legally established.

5. Retention of title We retain title to the goods supplied by us until full payment has been made. In the case of transactions with registered traders, this retention of title also applies until all accounts arising from the business relationship with us have been settled, including any future and conditional claims. Repossession of the goods subject to retention of title delivered by us is not deemed to constitute withdrawal from the contract; this does not apply to transactions with those who are not registered traders. For transactions with commercial customers and registered traders, the following additional provisions apply. The customer is not entitled to transfer or pledge the goods, but may sell on the goods subject to retention of title in the normal course of business. With immediate effect, he assigns the claims in respect of his business partner arising from this, including for any finishing work in the event of further processing. We shall not reveal the assignment as long as the authorization to make collection provided to us is not rescinded or our customer is not in default on a due claim for a minimum of two weeks. In these cases, the customer undertakes to inform his business partners of the assignment himself and to present his complete list of debtors to us without delay. In order to determine the name and address of the business partners of our customer in this case, we have the right to inspect his books. If the value of all the securities we hold exceeds our claims by more than 10% over a sustained period, we shall release securities of our choice on demand by our customer. If our customer fails to meet the agreed payment conditions after a reminder, we are entitled to take possession of the goods supplied by us, whether assembled or not. Our customer expressly grants us the right to take possession of our goods subject to retention of title at any location; we are also entitled to disassemble them. The respective owner of the goods is irrevocably empowered by the customer to release the goods to us. We are entitled to assert our right of retention without withdrawing from the contract unless our customer is not a registered trader. Our customer is only entitled to take possession of the goods sold under retention of title until we have exercised our retention of title. In the event of repossession of the goods subject to retention of title, we shall issue a credit note for the current value.

6. Warranty Under the following warranty conditions, we provide a warranty for a period of 24 months from the date of delivery for both new and reconditioned automobile tires. In the case of transactions with customers who are not registered traders, the period for submitting a claim for a defect is 6 months from the time when the defect is noticed. In the case of transactions with traders, obvious defects must be reported within 8 working days of delivery (receipt by the customer) and defects that are not obvious at the latest 6 months from the date of delivery. If these periods for examination are not observed, all warranty claims are excluded. The warranty claim is restricted to repair or replacement, at our discretion. If the repair or replacement is unsuccessful, the customer has the right to demand a reduction in the price or cancellation of the contract. No warranty is provided for used goods. All claims against us are also excluded if damage, faults, claims or defects are the result of the fact that

a. the goods supplied by us were repaired or otherwise processed by other parties,
b. the factory number, the manufacturing symbol or other symbols permanently applied to the goods are no longer present or have been changed,
c. in the case of tires, the prescribed air pressure has not been maintained,
d. tires have been subject to a load that is not permitted, in particular by exceeding the approved load for the size of tire and the permitted speed
e. tires are damaged after fitting because of incorrect wheel alignment or other faults in the movement of the wheels (e.g. not dynamically balanced) affecting their performance,
f. tires have been fitted to a rim that is not appropriate, not true to gage, corroded or otherwise defective,
g. tires have been damaged by external impact, mechanical damage or exposed to extreme heat,
h. in the event of a wheel change, the wheel nuts or bolts have not been re-tightened after driving for 50 km, provided that we drew this necessity to the attention of our customers,
i. tires have been stored in the open air before fitting by the customer or a third party instructed to do so,
j. natural wear or damage to the goods is present that is the result of improper handling or an accident,
k. tube-type tires with used tubes/flaps, tubeless tires without valve replacements (auto tires) or without new sealing rings (tapered seat truck tires) have been fitted by the customer or a third party.

Disputes about warranty claims and handling of complaints should be dealt with by the independent arbitration body of the Federal Association of Tire Retailers and Vulcanization Trade if either our customer or we in consultation with the customer contact it in writing immediately on becoming aware of the dispute. Involvement of the arbitration body does not exclude seeking legal recourse. Expiry of any claims is suspended for the duration of the arbitration process. The arbitration body will not take action if legal recourse has already been sought and it will suspend its action if it is sought during the arbitration process. The process used by the arbitration body is determined by its regulations, which will be provided to the parties by the arbitration body on demand. The arbitration process is free of charge to the parties involved.

7. Complaints Complaints must be made immediately (if appropriate, by providing confirmation from the transport company concerned).

8. Delivery of carcasses and used tires Complaints must be made about carcasses and used tires within a maximum of 4 weeks of the date of delivery. Carcasses already processed cannot be exchanged or returned.

9. Liability We accept liability for compensation claims in accordance with the following provision: all compensation claims are excluded.

Dispute resolution

The European Commission provides a platform for online dispute resolution (OS):
Please find our email in the impressum/legal notice.


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