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Easy, environmentally-friendly used tire disposal with RT-Reifenwelt

We sort your tires into different categories for recycling or disposal and provide you with an invoice down to the last tire. As tires consist of rubber, fillers like carbon black/silica/carbon, plasticizers, reinforcement materials like steel and nylon and other chemicals such as sulfur, they must be disposed of in a professional and environmentally-friendly way. The two options for disposing or reusing used tires are thermal utilization on the one hand and recycling of the materials on the other.

In the case of thermal utilization, the used tires or used rubber serve as a secondary fuel source in cement works and are burnt instead of fossil fuels. That saves valuable raw materials and the organic pollutants from the tires are burnt off harmlessly because of the high temperatures.

In the case of recycling of the materials, the old tires are broken down into fine granules or rubber powder in granulation plants, which can then be used in the manufacture of floor coverings such as synthetic tracks, mouse pads, safe coverings for children’s playgrounds and other rubber products.

We recondition tires professionally and sell them on as used tires. Of course, we will pay you for tires of this sort. We will be happy to make you an offer.

If your tires cannot be used again as reconditioned used tires, we send them on for environmentally-friendly thermal utilization or recycling.

Price list for used tire disposal


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